About Us

Coqui Disposal Services, LLC. Is a Minority-Service Disabled Veteran Owned (SDVO) and 8 (a) Certified Small Business headquartered in Panama City, FL. Coqui’s founder and President/CEO, David Otano, started the business in 2008 with over 20 years experience in waste disposal services. Specializing in government contracts.

Our Goal

Coqui’s dedication to customer satisfaction by providing the highest level of service at fair and reasonable prices allows us to maintain our goal. A goal to deliver quality services with competitive pricing while displaying unparalleled professional and environmental ethical practices.

Our Team

Based out of Panama City, FL Coqui has served Tyndall AFB and expanded to other military bases and surrounding communities. Air Force Bases, include Davis-Monthan AFB, Tinker AFB, and Maxwell AFB.

Why The Name Coqui Disposal?

Coqui is the name for several species of small frogs native to Puerto Rico. They are named for the loud call made at night. Being a minority owned business we wanted to pay homage to our Puerto Rican ancestry, while creating curiosity and intrigue across the community.

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